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BuyFrom North East Victoria

Partnership with Issimo, Startup Shakeup, Regional Development Victoria and local Shire Councils.

Buy From North East Victoria is a free online marketplace for local towns offering a one stop virtual shopping experience, with delivery to your door. The portal allows local businesses to continue to trade even if their physical store is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Buy From Benalla was the first town to be turned “online” with an e-commerce platform under the program. It was is a pilot for a larger rollout thanks to seed funding from Ovens Murray Regional Partnership. The system focusses on ease of use, with plenty of support available to help businesses transition to online sales.

For more information, to shop online via your local main street or to register your interest visit your local town below. For those not listed, please get in touch with your local Shire Council or check back as we regularly update this page.

Meet some of our Startups, Shakeups and Innovators

Meet Regional Skills Advisor: Andrew Vittadello

Local businesses can draw from my experience of working with Australia's biggest brands and brightest minds that have successfully revolutionised businesses from the inside out.

Meet Startup: Teledrome by Jay Davis & Rohan Latimer

When something in an industry you are involved in annoys you and you have the skills to fix it, the result can have benefits for the sector globally. As an early adopter, drone racer, president of the local club and coder, Jay Davis says at first, he was scratching his own itch, before realising Teledrome’s commercial potential.

Meet Startup: Cloth Baby by Emma Avery

Combining her interest in environmental sustainability with the drive to fix a problem for parents of babies, one young mother has developed a tailored online and offline solution; Cloth Baby.

Meet Startup: Toggamo by Lucy Taylor

A new device that encourages creativity in children under 12 is one mother’s response to seeing increasing numbers of children using fitness trackers. She wants to offer an alternative to parents not keen on buying their kids a smartwatch.

Meet Startup: Kopeka by Tom Donaldson

Coming up with an idea that has national and international application using augmented reality technology was exciting but something that XplorAR partners didn't know how to navigate, nor how to fund.

Meet Startup: Bookable Swipe Access by Lachlan Carboon & Ryan Falconer

Now in year 11, the partners in this swipe card door locking system have unlocked a whole lot of new possibilities by participating in Startup Shakeup programs. They now know how to start a company and have increased confidence and networks to take this knowledge with them on their solution-finding journey.

Meet Startup: Gourmet You by Tarnya Bruinier

Attending a food festival that didn't cater for her children's food intolerances led this young woman to develop meal bases, cake mixes and workshops for people in a similar position.

Meet Startup: Liminas by Fiona Elgin

With improved outcomes for regional communities at the heart of her concept, it's no surprise Fiona is passionate about the role startups and small businesses can play in delivering these outcomes. She's also a strong advocate for ensuring support offered takes into account the differences between regional and metropolitan.