Smart Seeds Design Sprints

Here at Startup Shakeup, we’re looking to engage established business with a new idea for a product or service who might be interested in a quick, effective way to market test it.

In partnership with Smart Seeds, we’re offering a one-day facilitated design experience to select businesses that need a little help to grow their new idea!


Smart Seeds Process

What is a design sprint?

A design sprint is a facilitated workshop that helps you to rapidly discover what your customer really needs, and then prototype and test possible solutions.

The ‘sprint’ format, whether held over a day or a week, gives teams a shortcut to learn from customers without the cost and time of building and launching a complete solution.

What’s involved?


Step 1: Email this completed application form to by 9am June 11, 2019.

Step 2: Applications will be shortlisted by an independent panel and those selected will be invited to plan and commit to their design experience with Smart Seeds on a day that suits your business between June 17 and July 15.

Step 3: Smart Seeds will facilitate a 1:1 intensive design workshop with your business, working with you before to craft the workshop to your target customer and business needs

Step 4: Usually priced at $7,000 – this experience is free thanks to Startup Shakeup. All we ask is that you tell your design story at the Startup Shakeup Pitchfest and Showcase in Benalla on July 26.

To benefit from the design sprint, you will need to have already:

  1. Identified who your customer is, and have an understanding of what they need or want
  2. Identified an opportunity or idea of how your business could help them (e.g. you want to offer a new product, service or experience)



Sarah and Chris (S&C Pty Ltd) run a business helping farmers to run more sustainable farms. S&C already know they want to help farmers to better manage their water use. They decide they could help them by providing real-time information on forecasted rainfall and their farm’s water use. Now they want to know the best way to capture the data and provide them with new information so they can make better decisions about their water use.

Do farmers want it on a computer, a phone or a television? Should their solution provide farmers with detailed data and graphs or more simple suggestions? How might Sarah and Chris’s create a solution that delivers high customer value, generating new revenue?

A design sprint can help S&J answer these tricky questions!

We are offering you a free, full-day facilitated design sprint to help your business discover the solution best fit to fulfil your customer’s needs

Questions? Get in touch with Emma Jones on 0408 246 007 or

The fine print

  • Business must be registered and operate in at least one of four municipalities: Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire, Mansfield Shire or Rural City of Wangaratta
  • Businesses must be committed to complete the full process between June 17 and July 15
  • Participants must present their story and learnings at our Pitchfest and Showcase in Benalla on July 26
  • Businesses can host the Smart Seeds Design Sprint Workshop at their premise or arrange a mutually convenient location


Download application form


Background info:  Smart Seeds Challenge Workshops October 2018

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