Jargon Translator

  • Angel Investor Individuals who want to give money to early stage startups. Sometimes they want a return, sometimes not.
  • B2B Business to Business. Usually used to describe selling a product or service to businesses.
  • B2C Business to consumer. Selling a product or service direct to the end user.
  • Bootstrapped Started without external funding. DIY.
  • Coworking Shared work space often with a focus on building a community.
  • Equity Owning a share of a business.
  • Founder Someone who starts a startup
  • Hackathon Usually an event where people get together to rapidly prototype an idea in a short period of time.
  • IPO Initial Public Offering. The first time a company offers shares to the public.
  • MVP Minimum Viable Product. A product or service with only the absolutely necessary features built in order to demonstrate to the public.
  • NDA Non Disclosure Agreement. Document given to people to sign when you are sharing information with them so they will keep it secret.
  • Pitch Presentation or document given to potential investors or founders to try and get funding or assistance.
  • Proof of concept Experimental product or service that proves its viability.
  • ROI Return On Investment. What an investor expects to get in exchange for their assistance.
  • SaaS Software as a Service. Software product that is centrally hosted and usually sold as a subscription model.
  • Startup A business created by founders looking for a scalable business model.
  • Venture Capital Finance provided by a firm to an early stage startup, usually for equity.

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