Regional Skills Network

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We know that innovation builds our regional economy, businesses, and jobs, bringing in outside investment and growth. Our startups want to take up opportunities and grow into what they can be. For our existing businesses, this is the time to shakeup, do things differently, renew, and think outside the square.

Our startups and shakeups asked for tailored support for their businesses, so we’ve built the Regional Skills Network to bring advisors to them on particular topics as they need.

The Regional Skills Network provides an opportunity for advisors to share their skills and experience with local startups and shakeups to foster their business growth. Advising is a hugely rewarding activity for both advisors and advisees.

Regional Skills Network for Startups & Businesses

Free access to Regional Skills and Advisors matched to your business needs

You asked, and now we deliver! You simply reach out with a particular need, and then we go to our pool in the Regional Skills Network and determine the approach that best suits your needs.

Get in touch with Jessica by emailing to discuss with her what areas you need support with, and we’ll take it from there!

Regional Skills Network for Advisors

What is involved?

Startup Shakeup is looking for people with regional skills, experience, and knowledge from right across North East Victoria from those willing to share with our startups and shakeups in mentoring and small facilitated sessions. This is an opportunity for you to actively be involved in shaping the future by supporting our innovation network.

How do I sign up?

Welcome! The next step is to complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) Form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange a screening interview. From there we have a short online training package for you to complete before officially becoming part of the Network.

Types of Advising and Support

Advisors through the Regional Skills Network will be offered to startups and shakeups in three formats;

          1. Individual Coaching: One-to-one sessions with an advisor and a startup or shakeup on a particular topic
          2. Small Focus Group: Small focus group of 3 to 5 startups or shakeups with a content expert or advisor
          3. Creative Sprint: One startup or shakeup with a group of experts or advisors generating ideas

Expression of Interest for Advisors