Regional Skills Network for Startups & Shakeups

Free access to Regional Skills Advisors matched to your business needs

You asked, and now we deliver! You simply reach out with a particular need, and then we go to our pool in the Regional Skills Network and determine the approach that best suits your needs.

Get in touch with Jessica by filling out the form below to discuss with her what areas you need support with, and we’ll take it from there!

Types of Support

Advisors through the Regional Skills Network will be offered to Startups and Shakeups in three formats;

  1. Individual Advice: One-to-one sessions with an Advisor and Startup or Shakeup
  2. Small Focus Group: Small focus group of Startups or Shakeups with a content expert or Advisor
  3. Creative Sprint: One Startup or Shakeup with a group of experts or Advisors generating ideas

Expression of Interest for Participants