Meet The Team

Meet the crew behind Startup Shakeup.

The Shakin’ Crew

Emma Jones

Project Coordinator & Lead Shaker

Emma is SUSU’s project manager, and the hostess with the mostess. She’s a strategic thinker, community leader and a facilitator of creative projects in regional communities.
Emma has a real creative streak, spanning coding and gaming, printmaking, jazz and music festivals. She loves to see creative business endeavours thrive, and brings this energy to members of the Startup Shakeup.

Rohan Latimer

Technical Support

Rohan is the resident web developer and tech-head at SUSU HQ. A born problem solver, he’s been coding and designing since he first typed on a computer.
He founded Jewellers Coworking in 2017 and can be found helping start-ups and local businesses, fixing things with the Wang Repair Cafe, hiking the mountains around the North East, or making wine at his vineyard.

Jason Townsend

Creative Support

Jason is a re-born creative with a flair for words. An ex-engineer, he’s managed to pivot from corporate life to freelance work, and has dabbled in several start-ups – from toothbrush subscriptions to biker jewellery.
Jason now prefers to focus on what matters most, acting as a manager and host at Jewellers Coworking, and supporting local business and NFP causes that make the North East an even better place to be.

Our Partners


Victoria’s very own startup agency aiming to develop a globally-connected startup ecosystem of startups and investors. At the same time, they assist these startups to sustainably grow and deliver economic and cultural benefits for both Victoria and Australia.


NE Tracks LLEN

The NE Tracks Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) supports young people 10-19 years of age and works with schools and other organisations to achieve higher rates of school retention and participation in education, training and employment.

NE TRACKS local learning and employment network

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is an education organisation on a mission to build skills and knowledge in our region. They operate the Wangaratta Regional Study Centre – a partnership between Charles Sturt University (CSU) and the Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE.

Charles Sturt University


The Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE is the hub of training in the North East region and includes the Wangaratta Skills & Jobs Centre.


Smart Seeds

Smart Seeds is a design-led innovation program founded by GHD that builds the connections, capabilities and confidence of emerging leaders in regional communities.

Smart Seeds

Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE)

ACRE helps build a thriving rural Australia through their Beechworth campus by igniting entrepreneurship in young people and their communities.


JumpStartMe runs a pre-accelerator course that involves validating new, innovative ideas, and then progressing these into sustainable and growing businesses.

Global Sisters

Global Sisters is an Australian organisation that supports women who are seeking financial independence through business. They provide education and mentoring opportunities to women and recognise the power of innovation and technology as enablers.