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What is Startup Shakeup?

Startup Shakeup is a community for you, the movers, shakers, and change-makers in North East Victoria. It’s your ticket to networking and educational events that will support your mission to solve local problems and support causes that shape our future… whether you’re a startup or shakeup, we’re here to support business who do it differently. 

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Startup Shakeup has recently grown – and now offers programs for both:

  • Startups: founders who want to start, grow and scale here, and
  • Shakeups: existing businesses who want to rethink and do business differently

Current programs and offerings

Where do you fit in the our Startup Shakeup community?

I’ve got an idea but don’t know what’s next?

You have an idea for a business, or even the beginnings of a business. But you’re not sure if it has what it takes to reach global customers. We have the resources and access to mentors that can provide you with clarity. Check out upcoming events near you, and sign up to our newsletter for a fortnightly dose of inspiration and resources!

I have a startup, but I need help!

Good news is, help is close at hand! Thanks to the Australian Small Business Advisory Service (ASBAS), you can get 1-on-1 mentoring from North East business professionals for only $25 to scale-up.

I want to scale my business!

Congratulations! At Startup Shakeup, you have what we call a shakeup – an existing business who wants to rethink and do business differently.

Maybe you’re pivoting due to current local or global conditions. Maybe your circumstances or markets have changed. Maybe you’ve designed a new product or had a new partner come on board. Whatever your circumstances, the good news is we have resources, mentors and events to help you in reaching your goals!

I’m interested in supporting a local startup

Not here to start a new business? Why not become a resource for local startups. Invest your time, money, or knowledge. The network will ❤️ you!

Ways you can help

  • Be a guest speaker at an event
  • Join our Expert Skills Network and mentor a startup
  • Donate to Startup Shakeup and help us, help startups!

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