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Startup Shakeup is a community for you, the movers, shakers, and change-makers in North East Victoria. It’s your ticket to networking and educational events that will support your mission to solve local problems and support causes that shape our future… whether you’re a Startup, Shakeup or Innovator, we’re here to support businesses who do it differently.

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We know that innovation builds our regional economy, businesses, and jobs, bringing in outside investment and growth. Our Startups want to take up opportunities and grow into what they can be. For our existing businesses, this is the time to shakeup, do things differently, renew, and think outside the square.

Our Startups and Shakeups asked for tailored support for their businesses, so we’ve built the Regional Skills Network to bring advisors to them on particular topics as they need.

The Regional Skills Network provides an opportunity for Advisors to share their skills and experience with local Startups and Shakeups to foster their business growth. Advising is a hugely rewarding activity for both Advisors and Participants.

Do you have an idea for a business, or have an idea but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you just would like to get in touch and say hello?

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